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Sordid Cinema Podcast #610: There Will Never Be Another Movie Like The Matrix

January 21st, 2022

The Matrix: Down the Rabbit Hole

The Matrix is a movie made of groundbreaking special effects, superb martial arts combat, and mind-bending science fiction. It’s a movie that was not only ahead of its time but has stood the test of time and a movie that is still debated, decades later. It’s a film full of ideas, pulling from several influences ranging from Spaghetti Westerns, Hong Kong action cinema Japanese anime, Philip K. Dick, Alice in Wonderland, William Gibson’s Neuromancer, and so much more. The Matrix is a tale of perception and reality, a story about consciousness and about the birth and evolution of consciousness. It’s tackle’s themes of control and freedom; predestination and free will and so much more. Above all, it’s a kick-ass Hollywood blockbuster that offers a wide array of genres blended into what is basically a classic tale of good versus evil. Simply put, The Matrix is one of the greatest movies ever made— easily one of the most influential movies ever made, and arguably the quintessential film of 1999. This week on the Sordid Cinema Podcast, Tilt Magazine contributor Kent M. Wilhelm drops by to help us discuss why The Matrix is one of our favourite movies of all time!

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